May I show you Copenhagen?
My home town

I grew up in Copenhagen and I've spent most of my life in this city. After living abroad now for a few years.. coming back on visits - I have begun to feel more clearly what I have always loved about this place. Actually I'm writing and performing music - and not so much busy as a webmaster, but I had fun putting this site together about my hometown.

People I meet often ask me: "What is Copenhagen really like? Is it beautiful?" or "What can I see and do there?" or "If I go - where can stay?".. After a while I realised that all my "inside knowledge" might be valuable information not only for my friends who like to travel, but also to other people ... like you.

So I decided to create this web site - all about my home town.

Copenhagen for me means..

• a walk along the water
• a wonderful freshly baked Danish pastry
• strolling in the Tivoli Gardens
• a cafe latte stop on the way, of course
• a trip to the lovely Deer Park forest at Klampenborg.
• taking a day trip to one of the beaches in the area
• checking my e-mails at my favourite cafe at the ocean - having a
sandwich.. overlooking the city skyline .. you‘ll love it.

On this web site you will not only find the best cafes and restaurants but also travel tips and practical information about the city as well as how to find Copenhagen air fares and good budget car rentals. You will be able to book your acommodation from this site. I‘ll recommend you my personal favourites.

Search this site:

What else can you find here ..?

Discover my Top 10 Must-see sights and things to do including "Hans Christian Andersen‘s Copenhagen", The Little Mermaid at Langelinje, some unique museums and of course Tivoli Gardens - the most magical place in town. If you have never been there before - be ready to fall in love.

The Scandinavian light.
People who have spent their vacations in Scandinavia know that during the summer time it hardly ever gets really dark. The night only lasts about 3-4 hours .. which of course has profound influence on the nightlife - for example during the Jazz Festival - coming out from a late concert.. and the birds are already singing, while a nearby bakery sends heavenly smells of fresh baked bread and pastry through the air. Then you know it‘s summer in Copenhagen.

If you enjoy doing city trips in Europe and you havn‘t yet experienced the capital of Denmark - you are really in for a treat. Especially if you - as I do, love the water and the wind.

The "Green City".
With ocean comes the wind. There‘s nothing more refreshing than a walk at the water feeling the wind in your face. Just outside the harbour of the city you‘ll see how the wind is being used optimally, in form of the offshore windmill park just north of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark.

The picture of the wind turbines further below is from a trip I made with my grandmother to Amager Beach Park on a sunny day in March, from where you can see the "modern wind mills" clearly.

Wind Power
Denmark is the world‘s biggest producer of wind power turbines and I only recently learned that the country gets more than 20% of its domestic electricity from wind power. Long gone are the days where wind mills are used just to churn grain.

.. and so the city‘s thousand years of history and cultural atmosphere lives right next to cutting edge wind power technology and the longest bridge in Europe. Had anyone told Hans Christian Andersen in his time that a bridge would be built reaching all the way to Sweden.. he would probably have found it a story too good to be true.

The city where fairy tale meets the future.

So - in a nut shell..

Sharing what makes Copenhagen unique for me - is what this website is all about. I truly hope you‘ll find this useful and that you'll enjoy your stay.

Go‘ fornøjelse!


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