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Hi, I'm Anders and I am the webmaster and owner of Welcome To My Copenhagen. Here you can read about why this website was created.

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Welcome To My Copenhagen is a result of two factors combined - my wish to share what I know about my home town and a decision to learn how to do this online. You can also contact us here if you have comments or ideas.

What's Danish
There are so many things that are uniquely Danish to me. From the Danish music to the Danish pastry, but also Hans Christian Andersen stories as well as The Royal Family with Queen Margrethe.. and of course our beloved Tivoli. And all these things are represented in Copenhagen.

I honestly never thought I would be creating a website and certainly not about my own city.. you know, it tends to be less spectacular when you have been growing up in a place - like what‘s the big deal? Well.. actually quite a deal - as I have come to discover .. and you will too.

The one singular reason that it was possible for me to create this website is because of Site Build It! - a web site building package for non-webmaster people like myself.

SBI doesn't just host your site - they also teach you how to create a professional website that works. No technical skills are required. In fact.. when I began I knew nothing about websites at all, and yet I have built this site.

I am very grateful for SBI and their amazing over-delivering resources.

Discovering my roots again
Spending most of my life in Copenhagen of course I have a large native knowledge about this town. In the meantime I have lived abroad for a couple of years .. and now.. whenever I'm in Denmark visiting family and friends, I appreciate the beauty of the Danish capital more than I ever did before.

So.. what you will encounter on these pages is my personal experience of this beautiful Danish capital. Although there is a lot of "solid information", I do not necessarily claim to be presenting an objective view on Copenhagen or Denmark.. on the contrary actually.

What I'm sharing with you is simply what I know. Not from having made vacation here or having studied this area.. but simply as a native Dane from Copenhagen. This is my home town.

Hence I know this city like the back of my hand. Where to go for a nice cup of coffee, like where to have the best view over the city, where to find a beautiful beach.. and as far as the people are concerned, being one myself - I know "how the Danes are".

Amazing what being away for a while can do to a relationship... even to a city. In fact it has been fun becoming conscious of many things I guess I always took for granted about this place.

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One day during a walk at the ocean.. I felt my connection again to this city with its water - with its atmosphere and with all its many places that make Copenhagen uniquely Copenhagen.

It's really fun for me to share my personal insider tips and recommendations on Copenhagen with you.. realizing that my life experiences in this beautiful Scandinavian city can actually benefit others.

It is my genuine hope that the information provided on this website will be helpful to you and others who are interested in Denmark and its capital.

Please enjoy your time here and again.. if you have comments, questions or ideas - contact us.

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