Bornholm - my heart's absolute favourite

At the easternmost end of the country you find Bornholm - the one place out of all your Denmark vacation options - that is most likely to win your heart. With its unique location in the middle of the Baltic Sea, it's a fantastic island to discover - over some days, if not a week - make that a whole vacation.

Gudhjem "God Home" is on the east coast ...

Most of the towns on the island are situated at the coast. So just following the coastal road it's actually possible to drive by some of the best places on Bornholm.

You can visit the various little fishing villages with their very special smoke houses - inherently typical for Bornholm. The road that runs alongside the water all around the island will eventually take you to all of them. Particularly beautiful spots are

• Gudhjem
• Svaneke
• Hammershus
• Almindingen (forest area in the centre of Bornholm)
• Allinge-Sandvig
• Christiansø
• Duodde

This little harbour town is an enchanting spot. Its slightly elevated position down towards the ocean, its old smoke houses and the gorgeous town area, make it an absolutely must-see place. Here you can get the famous smoked herring that you can buy all over the island.. but they are especially good in Gudhjem.

Together with Gudhjem, among the prettiest harbour towns on the island.From here you have boat connection to Christiansø. Check these nice pictures of Svaneke

There is a magical forest area in the middle of Bornholm called "Almindingen". As kids we would go hiking and among the huge rocks in the woods we imagined that the trolls and the elves were everywhere around us. A perfect place for walks and hikes.

Bornholm Almindingen

Lilleborg ruin is from 1190 ..

Visit the "Rocking Stone". A 35 tons heavy rock, left in the "Paradise Hills" after the latest ice age, balancing on an edge in such a way that it only took one person to rock this huge stone. Nowadays however it takes several determined people to move it.

Also situated on the north east coast close to Hammerhus. It one of the oldest beach hotels on the island dating back from 1895. With its dance hall it used to be the place where young people would meet and have their summer parties.

Bornholm Sandvig Beach Hotel

Denmark's easternmost point. This small archipelago is a cosy experience. It sort of sets you back in time. There are no roads on the islands - of which only two are inhabited. Only one "street" on Christiansø - an old cobblestoned road between the soldiers quarters. (The yellow buildings on the picture below.)

Bornholm Christiano

Bornholm Christiano The street

The only "street" of Christiansø ..

Probably the most beautiful beach area on Bornholm is the southernmost point - Duodde. I came here the first times with my grandparents when I was 6-7 years old. Pearly white beaches and sand dunes where you can hide and lie on your back looking up in the sky.

Bornholm Duodde

Hammershus and the round churches
There are four round churches on the island and numerous well kept fortress ruins from between the years 1150 - 1250. Hammershus Ruin was a real fortress rising some 75 m (250 ft) above the sea level. The round churches like Østerlars Church were originally built as combined church/fortress.

The shere need for protection against attacks in those days makes East L.A. seem like a sunday walk in the park. Today however.. they are very beautiful buildings that, apart from the daily church services, regularly house classical concerts.

Østerlars Round Church and the Hammershus Ruin are from 1150 - 1250

"The Bornholm Identity"
This Baltic island is not only a Denmark vacation destination - but also enjoys a certain independency. They have their own airport which offers direct international flights with several European airlines to a number of European cities.

An important part of the local identity of the people living here, is their own unofficial flag, which you will see proudly being flagged all over the island. The popular name "The Green Island" is reflected in their flag. A proud and friendly people they are. The official population today is 43.040. However in the summer months this number increases manyfold.

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