In terms of car rental
Denmark has a lot of options

When you are travelling to Copenhagen and you need to get a car rental Denmark in general and particularly Copenhagen Airport offers a lot of options. My own personal experience is that the car rental companies in the airport will do their best to make it as easy for you as possible. Service is usually high. So for most visitors to Copenhagen who need a car rental Denmark will be a pleasant experience.

Car rental Denmark head compos.

.. directly out of customs - just look left

At the Airport
What do you do when you have arrived? After having picked up your luggage -coming out of the exit doors - immediately on your left side - down the hall, less than 100 feet away, you will see all the car hire companies one after the other. They‘re all there.

Every time I have needed a car I‘ve always been positively surprised how smooth the process is. Fortunately most of the well established car rental brands are represented at the airport. However I do have my favourite one - of course...

Which company?
I personally have had very good experiences with a company called Dansk Auto Rent. "Dansk" is Danish for.. well.. Danish. They are very friendly and helpful and so far had the best prices of all the companies. Dansk Auto Rent usually has some cool offers that none of the others can beat.

Car rental Denmark DanskAutoRent compos.

They collaborate with various partners which is probably why they can keep their prices and offers so low - for you to benefit from.

To make sure you have a car when you arrive in the airport I recommend you to reserve your car on their website before you make your trip. Having a car ready when you arrive can save you time and is by far the easiest solution.

So, on their website you fill out the form and a few moments later you have your reservation. When you arrive in the airport a friendly person will be there with the keys to your car. They even did that for me once at 11 o‘clock at night...

.. I liked that.

Car rental Denmark welcome

.. you do indeed feel welcome

They also have an office in the centre of town. You can find all the information on their website.

Car taxes help car rental prices
Cars are normally very expensive to buy because of the very high car taxes in this country - ask any Dane! But when it comes to car rental Denmark generally has better prices.

Part of the reason is that the rental companies primarily rent out to non-Danish people meaning they don't have to pay the astronomical Danish car taxes.

So for the airport companies that do their business in car rental Denmark is an attractive place to be. Of course many have seen this opportunity.. so the competition is certainly there.

Besides the obvious advantages of flexibility - if you decide for a car rental Denmark becomes accessible to you in a whole different way. Because distances are relatively small in Denmark you have a lot more possibilities - since you can reach a lot of great places within 1 - 2 hours from Copenhagen, having a car at your disposal.

Would you like to know how to get around in the rest of Denmark.

Car rental Denmark Strandvejen

Strandvejen - the old coastal road..

So.. if you feel like exploring more than just the Copenhagen area.. I can only recommend to rent your own car.

Dansk Auto Rent - The "local" choice. Always good service - usually with a good offer.. my personal favourite! They partner with Hertz.

Hertz - They usually have good offers and prices as well. This link gives you the location and contact information at the Airport office, incl. tel. + e-mail. If you want to book a car directly - you can also go directly to

Should you however have a certain preference of company that you are more comfortable using, please use the links below. Generally - make sure you check the price differences and what services you get for which rate.

Notice: These links take you to their Copenhagen Airport offices. However, you will find their city branch address and infos on their websites.



Here's a full overview of all the car rental companies in CPH airport

Good luck with your car rental!

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