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The easiest way to find cheap flights to Copenhagen planning your trip to Scandinavia, is to search the offers from European airline companies. Low cost airlines in Europe are on the rise and nowadays there is a more fierce competion between discount airlines than ever before.

This results in more cheap flights available than ever .. which generally makes it easier for customers travelling to Copenhagen.. that's you - to get the best flights to Copenhagen.

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Coming from outside Europe
There's not a lot of cheap flights to Copenhagen from outside Europe. Occasionally you'll find a good bargain but most of the time it's pretty stabil prices. However a nice booking engine is which gathers results from all the major flight booking engines such as Kayak, Orbitz, Travelocity and Cheap Tickets - for your convenience.

Direct flights tend to be more expensive.. but generally speaking you also enjoy a better service and comfort than with many low cost airlines - which of course means a lot on long flights.

The most offers on cheap flights to copenhagen you'll probably find flying from within Europe. Therefore if you're coming from overseas you can most likely save money by accepting a stop-over in a European hub like London, Amsterdam or Bruxelles before reaching your final destination.

This gives you the option to combine a reasonable priced overseas ticket with a very affordable low cost flight to Copenhagen. There's a bit of calculation and time table adjustment needed in order for everything to match up.. but it might pay off. Sometimes the airlines have crazy cheap offers on very particular dates and times. But in these cases: Check additional fees e.g. taxes, catering!

Use the lists below to find which airlines exactly fit your travel schedule and take advantage of your best ticket offer. You might even let yourself be flown around Europe according to where the best offers take you.

Already in Europe?
The following links are helpful in searching for the best discount air fares to Denmark.

Flights to Copenhagen. A low cost airline guide
List of discount airlines that fly to the Danish capital.

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Cheap flights to Copenhagen Ryan

Ticket conditions
It's worth to consider if the price is the only important factor or if quality is also a priority for you. Many cheap tickets come with extra conditions which are important to be clear about before buying.

Low cost airlines often have you pay extra for meals, luggage overweight and services such as change of ticket, cancellations, etc. - depending on the type of ticket. For example luggage overweight can be really expensive so it's good to be sure what the ticket conditions say.

All in all you have very good options if you fly from within Europe. If you are you travelling from US or other overseas destinations - expect a bit more searching around until you find just the right Copenhagen flights.

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