Cheap flights to Denmark are easy to find

Looking for cheap flights to Denmark? Well.. there is a vast amount of options to choose from nowadays. Here are a few guide lines and tips to make the search easier for you.

Find flights to Denmark head compos.

When you want to find cheap flights to Denmark most of them will go via Copenhagen Airport. Here you have a choice between 55 airlines and choices are plenty. However ticket conditions can vary quite a lot.

Are you looking for flight offers for Copenhagen? .. read more here. There are many possibilities.

Or do you perhaps consider to travel to Denmark by train or bus or with your own car?

Many bigger airlines such as Scandinavian Airlines SAS, Delta and British Airways mostly offer good quality in terms of service, both booking information and the cabin crews - just as catering is almost always included in the price. It's different when it comes to low cost airlines. They will get you where you need to go - but be aware of ticket conditions.

Travelling from within Europe
When you search for cheap flights to Denmark - you can start by taking an airline overview. Check this list of low cost airlines that provides valuable information on which carriers fly in and out of Copenhagen Airport. Go to the individual airlines own websites and check their current offers for Copenhagen.

In order to find cheap flights to Denmark you can also look directly for low cost airlines. Especially if you are already in Europe the competition is fierce between airlines. This results in cheaper prices and a lot of options to the advantage of the customer.

Cheap flights to Denmark SAS clouds flight

An SAS Boing flight coming through the clouds..

General search tips
As a rule you get a better deal if you accept a stop. Direct flights tend to be more expensive - and yet.. if you e.g. book with Scandinavian Airlines and you happen to live in New York City, you can get a direct flight for Copenhagen for the same price as any other "cheap" flight with 1 stop. So, it's worth checking no matter what.

Prices fluctuate a lot.. but here's a couple of tips when you search for cheap flights to Denmark.

• Booking a flight at least 21 days in advance often results in better offers.

• If possible, always check different times and dates. This provides you
with more options.

• Travel in the middle of the week - and stay over night on a Saturday.

• Many airlines have Red-Eye flights that depart late at night or early in the morning. If you are okay with such conditions there's a lot of money to save.

• There's a tendency for airlines to put up many of their offers in the middle of the week - so check flights Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning for the best offers.

• Booking your holiday say 6 months ahead can make a big price difference. However check the dates and conditions carefully. Changing dates etc. can be costly.

It also pays off to check your destination's "local" airlines like SAS, Scandinavian Airlines for offers. Generally the more flexible you are, the easier you will find the right Copenhagen flight and also the more independant you are from main seasons and holidays the better deal you are apt to get.

Booking engines
Another way to find flights to Denmark is to use one of the flight booking engines such as Kayak, Travelocity or Orbitz.

Last minute tickets to Copenhagen
Finally you can go for a last minute ticket. There are several places online that offer last minute flight info. Check out This website offers a lot of good info and advice on last minute deals.

Good luck.

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