Copenhagen Airport - Scandinavian design for 60.000 people a day

Copenhagen Airport is the 15. largest in the world and it serves as the main hub for the Scandinavian air traffic. I fly to Denmark often and I like it every time I come here. I like the bright Danish Design and I like the excellent service which in my opinion is among the best in the world.

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The architecture surely lets you know that you are in Denmark. Scandinavian bright lines and light coming in from everywhere .. a nice place to be when you anyway have time to spend waiting.

In 2006 there was 258.356 take-offs and landings at Copenhagen Airport. It has direct flights to 125 cities around the world and the airport serves almost 60.000 people a day.. so it‘s a real busy place.

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How to get around
Copenhagen Airport has 3 terminals. Terminal 1 is only for domestic flights. Terminals 2 and 3 are for international flights and all international arrivals are in Terminal 3.

Connecting flights can send you on a walk.. however it will be a pretty one - you can enjoy the light surroundings and the artwork everwhere in the Copenhagen Airport. See further below.

Its formal name is "Copenhagen Airport Kastrup", named after the little town of Kastrup where it is located. This can be important to know - since in some cases it's just referred to as "Kastrup."

Waiting time ..

The transit area offers not only a wide variety of very good cafes and restaurants - as well as numerous shops for all needs and wishes. You can also find stores with some unique foods from Denmark.

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Art work
Copenhagen Airport houses some of the finest Danish designer's art works. Vilhelm Lauritzen, Jørn Larsen and Lin Utzon are among the many artists who have contributed. Unfortunately it's only in Danish .. but the pictures give a good impression of the airport.

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"The Four Winds"
This sculpture is for Copenhageners the well known landmark for Copenhagen Airport. You can see it just outside Terminal 2 and was created by Henrik Starcke in 1960. It symbolizes the South- East- North- and West winds. It appears in many Danish movies and among the local high school candidates it is the tradition to circle dance around it after their graduation.

Airport hotel
Hilton has a hotel literally straight across the arrival terminal 3. So whether you have a business meeting or just need an over-night stay this is the perfect choice

Copehagen Airport Hilton

Malmö Airport just across the water in Sweden - is a good alternative e.g. if you fly with low cost airlines such as Ryan Air or simply as an extra airport option for your Copenhagen trip. Due to the new bridge between Denmark and Sweden the train will take you from Malmö Airport to Copenhagen in about 45 min.

Low cost airlines
Copenhagen Airport is visited by a number of low cost airlines such as Air Berlin, Sterling and Snowflake. Read more about cheap flights to Copenhagen.

How you get to the town centre
It's only 12 min. by train to the town centre - about 8 km (5 miles).. so getting there is easy. You can go by ...

• car
• train
• bus
• taxi

Car rental
Coming out of customs - directly to your left you will see all the major car rental companies. If you haven't already reserved a rental car by then it's easy enough to rent a car upon arrival.

If you're headed for the trains - again coming from customs, continue straight ahead. At the end of the terminal building there's a ticket and information counter. The tracks are right below the building, just use the escalators. The ride to town costs about 4 Euro. It takes 12 minutes with the train to the Central Station. Look for the signs.

Airport bus
There are also buses available. Bus 250 S will take you to the Copenhagen Central Station. The ride costs about 4 Euro. There's an information desk just outside customs on your left - they'll show you from where to take the bus.

A good alternative if you just wanna have it be easy. Taxis in Copenhagen are new and clean. A taxi ride to the town centre will cost around 150 - 200 DDK. ( 20 - 25 Euro) They do take all major credit cards. Upon arrival coming out of customs on your right you'll find plenty of taxis. There are porters who will help you get a taxi.

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Visit the Copenhagen Airport website for more info.

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