Getting around with a Copenhagen bike

People in Copenhagen bike from A to B. The Danish capital is a biking city. One of the leading in the world, in fact. Not just for the sport of it but as actual transportation. People like biking as a way of getting around. Lots of bikers lanes and routes on the streets which shows that biking is consciously supported by the city.

Copenhagen bike head compos.

Bikers are everywhere in the city ..

You will be surprised to see what it does to a street scene with thousands of bikers commuting forth and back every day. If you like to join them you can rent a Copenhagen bike. Look further below. The biking season starts already in April and can last until October. Guided bike tours are a very good way to see the city.

City of cyclists
There are bikers all over the place. Between 30 - 40 % of people in Copenhagen bike to and from work. With continuous bike paths everywhere it makes this easy and safe.

Copenhagen bike The Lakes

All generations go by bike in the Danish capital. It's not just for one group of people and you can especially see this during the rush hours, where the streets are filled with bicycling Copenhageners.

Biking in wintertime?
Oh yes.. also in winter a Copenhagen bike ride is a daily routine for many.. everywhere. The city has made bicycle paths alongside the streets to protect bikers from the cars.

Copenhagen bike winter

With temperatures below zero Celcius you have to be a viking to enjoy a Copenhagen bike ride, I suppose. As Danes say ..

.. there is no bad weather - only bad choice of clothes.

Copenhagen bike Langebro

Cycling in Denmark has a high priority for more than a century due to a long tradition that began early. Additionally Denmark has the highest taxes on cars in the world which of course in turn encourage people to find alternatives to going by car.

Denmark's Biker‘s Union has their head quarters in Copenhagen. This year they celebrate their 100th anniversary.

.. do you rather feel like being driven around ..? Try a rickshaw. Look further down.

A green city
Copenhagen is known as the best city in the world for bicycling. Bike lanes are everywhere - a total of 300 kilometers in Copenhagen alone and cyclists have their own traffic lights.. and thus bikers are everywhere. The city of Copenhagen has made biking a priority.

Copenhagen bike park

.. a quiet moment

Although there is also a considerable amount of cars in the city you could say that bikers have more space than in most cities.

Copenhagen bike Townhall square

The Box bike
A typical Copenhagen bike phenomenon to observe is all the biking mothers (and fathers) who transport their kids in a special seat either on the back of the bike behind them or with the the popular "box bike" - where the kids sit like in a box in front. This is also a frequently used way to bring the kids to school or kindergarten.

So.. there are two ways to get a bike:

1) Rent one. It costs money but is more comfortable for longer trips and you can go as far as you want with your bike.

2) Take a "City Bike". It's for free but you must stay inside the centre of the city. See map + more info below.

However, before biking around in Copenhagen you should be aware of a few things. Bicycling on the sidewalks is prohibited as well as in pedestrian areas. Use the bikers lanes and you will have no problems. It‘s fun though to bike in the city.. you get to go to all the places that are difficult to reach with both a car and by bus. 100 % personal freedom and exercise at the same time.

Rent your own bike
If you wanna be sure that you have a good comfortable bike for the whole day - you can rent a bike. There are also guided Copenhagen bike tours available which is a very good way to see the city. More info here

.. by the way – check the hotel where you are staying. Many have bicycles free to use for their guests.

"Bycyklen" - The City bike
Why not try a City Bike? From May 1st - Dec 15th you have the option of just grabbing a city bike from one of the many city bike racks in the center. You put in a 20 kroner coin when you start and you get it back when you‘re done. It‘s all for free and easy to use.

Copenhagen bike Citybike compos.

Since May 30, 1995, the Copenhagen City Bike Program or "Bycyklen" in Danish has been running with remarkable success. 1100 bikes where placed all over town in the 110 racks.

The basic idea behind the City Bikes is to minimize the usage of cars within the downtown area and keep the medieval parts of the city with its unique winding cobblestone streets clean and free from pollution.

Copenhagen bike Citybike map

The City Bike area ..

Please note that the use of the bikes is limited to the inner town area. You can see on the map above exactly where and how far you can go.

The Copenhagen City Bikes became world famous when the official gift from The City of Copenhagen to the American president Bill Clinton in 1997 was a special city bike named "City Bike One".

The bikes are very characteristic. It‘s fun, practical... and a City Bike can be a nice spontaneous alternative to strolling. In fact.. the old centre of Copenhagen isn‘t thaat big, all you really need to reach is doable by bike within 20 minutes .. often a lot less.

Copenhagen is built for cars and bikes on almost equal terms. (Don‘t tell the bikers I said that.)

More info about the City Bikes here

Take a rickshaw
Lately rickshaws have been booming and have become an alternative Copenhagen bike option. If you wanna see the town from a new angle - try a rickshaw ride. It's fun. Their website is in Danish but just call the number.. they speak English.

Copenhagen Rickshaw Aps
Vodroffsvej 55
1900 Frb. C
Tel: +45 35 43 01 22

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