Copenhagen Denmark experiences -
My Top-10 "Must-see"

Copenhagen Denmark travel sights are many and have a lot to offer. There is so much to see and experience and if you are anything like me - you probably appreciate a few guidelines the first time you travel to a new place.

In order to make the most of this beautiful capital of Denmark I‘d like to present you my Top 10 "Must-sees" out of the big Copenhagen Denmark "chunk" of things to discover.

These are however my personal choices of things to do in my own town and I consciously don‘t include all there is to see. You could say...

.. I have kept the best and dumped the rest.

So have a look at my Copenhagen Denmark favorites. Feel free to just work your way down this page nice and easy - at your own pace.

.. and be sure to check the Copenhagen video further down

Tivoli Gardens
Nyhavn - "New Harbour"
The Little Mermaid
A canal boat tour - "Kanalrundfart"
Strøget or "Stroget" - the pedestrian shopping area
Søerne - "The lakes"
The Glyptotek
• Christianshavn
• Dyrehaven - "The Deer Park"
• Louisiana Museum for Modern Art

Most of these places I have known all my life and I still love to go there whenever I can. It took me a while to realise that a Copenhagen Denmark experience to me, means to rediscover places I have always known, in the one city in the world that I know like the back of my hand.

AND yet - don‘t forget.. you will discover things on your own that even I don‘t know.. and when you do please let me know. It would be great fun for me to learn something new about my own home town.

Ok, here we go ...

Tivoli Gardens
Copenhagen Denmark actually has two famous amusement parks - Bakken and Tivoli, but the magic and atmosphere of the latter, a 165 year old establishment.. is unique. In the heart of Copenhagen untouched by modern stress and pace lies an enchanted garden of beauty and wonder - and of fun!

Let yourself enjoy a day or an evening in one of the two Copenhagen amusement parks. Read more about Tivoli.

Nyhavn "New Harbour"
There‘s nothing new about Nyhavn, far from it. Many feel that Nyhavn almost defines what Copenhagen travel is all about. There‘s perhaps some truth to this due to the special atmosphere in this old port

... 17th century houses in Nyhavn

So when you‘re anyway on Kongens Nytorv "King‘s New Square" - just walk across the square to the other side to Nyhavn and take a stroll along the old harbour quay and perhaps get one of the famous Nyhavn ice creams.

... the beer is excellent too - as well as the jazz bands playing "live" on the outside. It‘s really just a nice place to hang out.

Nyhavn is a major starting hub for the canal tour boats and counts to the more established and well known Copenhagen Denmark locations. From here most of the tours either start or pass by, so this is an important point to keep in mind.

.. cosy restaurants blend with 100 year old cafes, sailor bars and
17th century houses. Sitting on the wharf watching the old wooden ships come in

.. life is sweet in Nyhavn.

The Little Mermaid
Here she is. Having had a turbulent life so far our calm beauty did indeed celebrate her 90th birthday a few years ago. You can‘t tell though ..

When you visit the Mermaid.. be sure to go early. She has an extremely busy schedule, so if you want to get a few good shots - catch her at the beginning of the day. Read more about the Little Mermaid

By the way .. please check out this short quality video guide about Copenhagen ..

"Kanalrundfart" - A Canal Boat Tour
Seeing Copenhagen Denmark from the water front is one of the best ways to experience the city. You can get to all the most important points in the old town centre by boat, but unlike Venice - here you can get off and take your car or hop on a rickshaw the rest of the way.

In the main harbour canal you overlook the entire harbour area. You can see all the various kinds of buildings - some centuries old and some brand new from this year.

Wanna see a video I made from a boat tour on the canals of Copenhagen harbour..?

Strolling in the Strøget area
When you stroll in the old town centre, turning left at Købmagergade one of the many sights you will encounter is Rundetårn - "The Round Tower", built by King Christian IV in 1642. It's one of the landmarks of the old medieval part of town, which includes most of the inner city of Copenhagen.

.. The Round Tower - one of a kind

Søerne "The Lakes"

"The Lakes" as we call them - is a place of tranquility. Here Copenhageners come to jog, sit on a bench and read the paper or enjoy a coffee at one of the many cafes.. some of them you are literally sitting on the water itself .. well at least in the summer.

Taking a stroll along The Lakes can calm you down. This "exhaling" area in the middle of the city stretches all through the main boroughs of the city. Here you can enjoy the beautiful view and e.g. check out the small "bird islands".

Be sure to visit The Planetarium (the round building on the photo above). It has an astonishing Omnimax 360° cinema where you can experience the most spectacular 3-D movies about space or wild nature events from all over the world. They have quite an extensive program and an exciting space exhibition. Learn more about The Planetarium.

A Copenhagen Denmark experience certainly includes the winter time. Sometimes during the winter when the lakes freeze up you can truly get a "winter-picnic" experience. People skate or walk - even with their baby buggies! - all over the frozen areas. Did you e.g. ever consider spending Christmas in Denmark? That is a whole adventure of its own.

Simply one of the most beautiful places I know. A gorgeous museum with a huge winter garden oasis - which is beyond being just a Copenhagen Denmark sight - it‘s art in itself.

Their regular exhibition is quite exciting and consists mainly of various art from ancient Egypt. Also their collection of sculptures and classical European paintings presents itself amazingly well in these surroundings.

Glyptoteket is a big place and it has extraordinary light in all rooms and halls as well as in their tropical garden. Here you also find a first class cafe/restaurant where you can sit amongst the palm trees and enjoy a cup of tea.

In addition most of the rooms in Glyptoteket have magnificent acoustics. I have had the pleasure of rehearsing and doing numerous concerts both in the very long stretched side halls as well as in the large centre room on the stage. The sound travels effortlessly in these surroundings which are mostly made of marble and glass with occasional long curtains between the rooms.

Copenhagen Denmark Christianshavn

I used to live here.. at Christianshavn that is. This part of the city is a fascinating mixture of idyllic 17th and 18th century buildings, accompanied by swaying boats everywhere in the canals.

Actually situated in the Christianshavn area - is the independant "city" in the city. Belong to the more chaotic and offbeat Copenhagen Denmark sights.. and yet a very interesting area, originally taken over by the Hippies back in the beginning of the 1970s - who called it their "free town".

Main entrance of Christiania

The people here always had a strong sense of independance - living in alternative ways. They even have their own flag...

.. a change of scenes

Copenhagen Denmark deer park

"Dyrehaven" - The Deer Park
In this magnificent forest north of the Copenhagen centre, close to the water -
you find flocks of wild deer living alongside people taking a walk or having a picnic in the grass under the old majestic trees. This is also where you'll find "Bakken" - the world's oldest amusement park. Transport couldn't be easier. Take the S-train to "Klampenborg" station and turn left when you come out. It's right there.

This museum for Modern Art is one of my favourite spots when I want to enjoy a day of reflection. Actually I‘m not much of a museum person myself.. but just being able to stroll around here breathing the ocean air and taking in the arts

.. frees your mind.

Copenhagen Denmark Louisiana

Looking towards Sweden...

This music sounds just like I feel inside when I sit in the park of Louisiana and overlook the water..

Louisiana is situated north of the city right out to the water near the coast town of Humlebæk. With its bright Scandinavian flair there‘s a soothing quality to the place. A wonderful area to spend some time in and be inspired by modern paintings and sculptural art - combined with a bit of sea-breeze relaxation.

Louisiana's position right at the water with plenty of grassy areas makes it the perfect place to ponder the big questions in life.

I wish you all the best on your endeavours exploring the Copenhagen Denmark sights for yourself.

Have fun !

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