My Copenhagen Denmark hotel recommendations

Copenhagen Denmark hotel accommodation is usually good quality and fairly priced. I have stayed in a number of hotels and I'd like to share the best of them with you. Here you'll find 5 different accomodations, which I have personally tried out and found to deliver what they promise.

Copenhagen Denmark hotel head compos.

If you compare a Copenhagen Denmark hotel with similar categories say in Rome, London or Paris, you will be very pleased with what you find. Ranging from cosy bed & breakfasts with nice locations to luxury hotels with stunning views generally you are likely to find good value for your money.

To get the best deal you just have to know "where to look". Location means a lot in Copenhagen.. so let me help you with where that is.

If you would like some more Copenhagen Denmark hotel options. I also list a handful of good midpriced hotels + a few wonderful luxury hotels.

My 5 best Copenhagen Denmark hotel experiences
The following are good 3- and 4-star hotels as well as bed and breakfasts in Copenhagen.. all places that I know from my personal experience being a guest there myself.

.. so here we go

Hotel Skt. Thomas
I have stayed here several times and it's a very cosy 3-star bed & breakfast. What makes this a bit more special to me than many other bed and breakfasts in Copenhagen is its charming location in a part of Copenhagen called Frederiksberg.

The hotel is situated on a small almost Parisian square on Frederiksberg Allé - a beautiful street leading all the way down to one of the most lovely parks in the city - Frederiksberg Have. "Have" means garden in Danish. I used to live further down towards Frederiksberg Have so I suppose I just really like this area.

Frederiksberg Allé 7
1621 København V
Tlf.: 33 21 64 64
Fax: 33 25 64 60

Ibis Copenhagen Star Hotel
This is a nice and typical Copenhagen Denmark hotel situated in a classical Copenhagen building - with a good location and decent breakfast. I have used this for quick trips when I just needed a room for the night with central location and most things within walking distance. Some rooms on top even have askew walls.. quite cosy.

Colbjørnsensgade 13
1652 København V
Tlf: 33 22 11 00
Fax: 33 21 21 86

Cab-Inn City
Cab-Inn has three good and most of all cheap hotels in the centre of Copenhagen. The most central is the Cab-Inn City. From here you can reach most things in 10 min. by foot.

Cab-Inn is effective and does the job in terms of giving you a well organized cheap room for the night with a nice breakfast buffet. It's new and small. And even though you do not necessarily wanna go there for the atmosphere.. it's pleasant, cheap and well situated.

Check rates and availability,
and find out more about
Hotel Cab City Inn

Imperial Hotel
A very pleasant 4-star Copenhagen Denmark hotel with a central location and often good package deals. When we came it was rather late in the afternoon and still they were able to manage a special deal for us. They sort of "gave us an offer we couldn't refuse."

The hotel is literally in the middle of everything - next to "Rådhuspladsen" The City Hall Square, with Tivoli Gardens, a few beautiful parks, night life as well as cinema and theatres, all within 5 min. walking distance. For a 4-star hotel they have quite decent rates.

Check rates and availability,
and find out more about
Imperial Hotel

Dan Hostel
This is actually not a hotel - but a hostel. A 5-star hostel - that is. I didn't even know something like that existed - but it certainly does.. and besides.. I know the building very well.

Copenhagen Denmark hotel Dan Hostel

.. The Dan Hostel is a Copenhagen landmark

The reason I mention it in this section is because of its special location/price range and the fact that although it's a hostel they actually do have private double rooms as well. To make sure that you get one of these - book well in advance.

The building is a well known landmark in Copenhagen and has over the years had various owners. It was often chosen as film location for several Danish popular films that you love to watch if you are a Copenhagener. Subsequently it appears in many such movies from the seventies, so I'm totally biased here.

As you reach the bridge "Langebro" it's right there - greeting you when you're coming from the airport.

Anyway.. recently the building was bought by DanHostel Denmark and they have now created a first class hostel in one of the most spectacular locations in Copenhagen directly at the waterfront with stunning views.. and all that for very reasonable prices. This is definitely worth considering for the budget traveller.

Notice: It‘s a hostel with 3 - 6 pers. rooms. You can however also get private double rooms, but check and book well in advance. As with all hostels you must be a member. If you're not there's a small extra fee. Ask for what else you must consider.

It's very much targeted for young people - so it sort of has that energy about it. But it's new, the interior is in typical Scandinavian design and it has excellent view from most rooms. The young staff is not the most experienced I ever met but will help you out.

H.C. Andersens Boulevard 50,
1553 København V
Telefon: +45 3318 8332/+45 3311 8585
Fax: +45 3311 8588

Rent an apartment
A Copenhagen Denmark hotel experience is usually a good one and in most cases it's not difficult to find a good room that fits you. However, if you are more people travelling together - why not rent one of the many Copenhagen apartments that are available today? Living in a real flat is fun and gives a whole different experience of how it is to live like a Dane.

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