Hop on the Copenhagen harbour bus

The Copenhagen harbour bus is one of the newer options getting around in the old part of town. You can now enjoy a ride on either "Holmen" and "Bryggen" as the harbour buses are called. It's an exciting way of exploring the city from the water side.

Copehagen harbour head

If you have a valid discount card, 24-hour ticket, FlexCard or
Copenhagen Card , you do not need a supplementary ticket for the Copenhagen harbour water bus. Adults with valid cash ticket must buy a supplementary ticket. Harbour Bus tickets are available on board. They are valid for two zones in all buses, trains and metro for one hour.

All other tickets and cards are valid for the Harbour Bus without supplementary ticket.

The Route
The service lines 901 and 902 daily interconnect Holmen with both Nordre Toldbod, Nyhavn, Knippelsbro and The Royal Library "Det Kgl. Bibliotek".

They obviously serve the harbour areas and allow you to cross forth and back between north and south sides of the main harbour canal independently of the bridges.

After having paid a visit to the Old Stock Exchange "Børsen" and The Royal Library you can get on a boat and choose to get off at any of the five other stops on the way to Nordre Toldbod and The Little Mermaid.

Copenhagen harbour route map

As you can see on the map above here are 6 stops between which the boats commute. End stations are Det Kgl. Bibliotek "Royal Library" – and Nordre Tolbod "Northern Customs Point".

The newly built Royal Library also called "The Black Diamond"

Copenhagen harbour Black Diamond

.. moving on to next stop which is .. Knippelsbro Bridge

Copenhagen harbour Knippelsbro

.. next stop is Nyhavn "New Harbour", the hub not only for the water buses but all the canal tour boats.. (the long broad flat ones - can‘t miss them). Most of them start here. Nyhavn is anyway a must.

"O sole mio .." Yes - you can almost hear the arias when you sail by ..

The New Copenhagen Opera

Copenhagen harbour bus opera compos.

The New Opera is unmistakable in its design

Holmen Nord
The old military areas of the Copenhagen harbour, at Holmen Nord are now inhabited. Holmen is the name of the whole island built by King Christian IV - and it's the second last stop before the boat turns back again..

...and finally - the end station..

Nordre Toldbod.
This is where The Queen will board "Dannebrog" - The Danish Royal Family‘s ship bearing the name of The Danish Flag. At this last stop you will have arrived just a few hundred meters from The Little Mermaid. When you get off here - you can simply stroll down and see her. It'll take you 5-10 min.

Copenhagen harbour Nordre Tolbod

Whenever the Danish Royal Family goes on a tour either to Greenland or the Faroe Islands both of which belong to Denmark, albeit with independant goverments - they start out from this point. A smaller boat will pick up the members of the Royal Family and bring them to the ship "Dannebrog".

The ship is often for anchor in its reserved spot in the harbour right across Nordre Toldbod. It was built in 1932 and carries on its journeys just around 100 people - including the royal household of 27 members.

Copenhagen harbour Dannebrog

The Royal Family's ship carries the same name as our flag - "Dannebrog"

So - where do you go from here ..?

Well, besides getting off the waterbus and stroll down to greet the Little Mermaid .. you can stay onboard and return with the boat. You can get off anywhere you like, e.g. enjoying a walk in "Nyhavn" or taking a stroll at the beautiful "Christianshavn" - the 17th century part of town with its canals and cosy atmosphere.

.. or just letting yourself be sailed round by the Copenhagen harbour bus. But to be honest.. for that purpose also the canal boat tours called the "Kanalrundfart" is the perfect choice. Their boats are running from mid March to mid October. There are several companies and they all have a main hub in Nyhavn. Check out the Canal Tours here.

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