Copenhagen Metro -
the new transportation option

The Copenhagen metro is relatively new and works very well - serving the central city and the areas of Frederiksberg and the Ørestaden reaching all the way to the Copenhagen Airport on the island of Amager.

The distances however are moderate so the different areas covered by the metro network are in reality all parts of what is considered central Copenhagen. It is but a 14 minutes ride from the airport to central Copenhagen. A breeze. It's easy enough to get an overview. Please check the map further below on this page.

Copenhagen metro head compos.

There are currently two lines and with the latest extensions of the net there is a total of 22 stations - connecting all the way to the airport and thus covering the most important parts of the inner city area.

The trains go so frequently that at certain times of day it hardly pays off to check the schedule. In the rush hours you can just walk down and grab the next one. They run every two minutes.. a true advantage in a big city.

If you wanna have a brief experience of what it‘s like to drive with the metro check this video. This video is a great tour of Copenhagen that among other things takes you on a short trip with the Copenhagen metro.

.. I bet you‘ll enoy the rest of the video as well - so we‘ll just continue here when you come back.

Safe travel
The metro is a safe and clean place. People can travel at any time of day feeling completely safe.

Copenhagen metro perron

Here‘s a good map
for printing out stations and lines..

Copenhagen metro map

The Copenhagen metro is new, clean and even extraordinarily well designed. As soon as you enter you sense immediately that you are in a designer culture .. compared to e.g. the London Underground, which is of course a lot bigger and as such functioning well, but also complete worn down.

I'm sure that you will enjoy the metro with its bright design and efficiency.

Copenhagen metro stairs

.. and down it goes - catching the next train

An automatic train system?
Yes - it's true. The metro trains have no driver in front. It's operated via a fully automated computer system called ATC and performs its functions with absolute immpeccability.

This metro system turns out to have been an inspiration for other European countries who now build or expand upon their existing metro net after having studied what the Danes did.

After a slow start the Copenhagen metro has all in all become a success story and the Copenhageners have taken it to heart because of the obvious quality and efficiency it brings to their daily transportation.

A 2 zone ticket is valid for 1 hour and costs DDK 19 - the same as in buses and trains where you can use it too.

Note about night metro trains: In the Metro between 1 a.m and 5 a.m. you pay double fare due to the late hour. This is also the case for the buses. Still it often beats any taxi ride price at night.

Any further info about the Copenhagen Metro you‘ll find here

Have fun getting around.

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