A Copenhagen taxi is new and comfortable

A Copenhagen taxi is easy to get upon arriving at Copenhagen Airport, no matter the time of day. Coming out from the airport customs, the taxis are located immediately outside the first exit on your right. Here you see all the cars as well as the people who will organize the transportation for you right away. They are usually fast and friendly.

Copenhagen taxi

.. cabs in Copenhagen are clean and comfortable

A Copenhagen taxi is typically a new Mercedes with max. 3 years of age. This means they are new, comfortable and clean. There is a special tax regulation in Denmark where the sales price of a used taxi is higher when sold after max. three years. Therefore you hardly ever see a Copenhagen taxi that's more than 3 years of age.. and we - the customers - of course benefit from that.

Credit cards accepted
Copenhagen taxis accept all major credit cards. If you wish to pay with credit card - let the driver know up front so he can sweep your card at the beginning of the ride. That is the custom.

In Copenhagen you can hail a taxi anywhere on the street. Notice if the sign on top of the car or in the front window is lit. Only then the taxi is free. Often they are ordered and on their way to the customer.

Have patience
Danes in general speak very well English.. however many taxi drivers in Copenhagen are not of Danish origin and have varying degrees of English language skills .. so to speak.

Also, just in case, every ride is on the meter. Rides without taxameter or with "fixed" price are not possible.. simply because every Copenhagen taxi is equipped with a technology that makes it impossible to drive with a person in the car, without the meter on.

This is comforting to know that fraud or other trickery is non-existing. What you pay is what the meter says.. and tips are included.. just like in restaurants in Copenhagen.

At the airport here are cabs from Sweden waiting to take you to Malmö, if you need to get there comfortably and quickly. Ask the porters.

Taxi fares
If you hail a taxi on the street the meter starts at DKK 19 and it‘s DKK 32 when you book over the phone. Rates are roughly as follows..

• DKK 10,20 ($ 1,8) per km/half mile between 7am and 4pm
• DKK 13 Fri-Sat between 11pm and 7am
• DKK 11,20 between 4pm and 7am
• DKK 11 on Sun-and national holidays

Prices include service charges and tips.

A trip from the airport to the centre of town would be approx. DKK 200,- ($30) during the daytime.

The biggest taxi company is TAXA 4 x 35 - meaning you reach them at +45 35 35 35 35

Other companies are:
Amager-Øbro Taxi +45 32 51 51 51
Codan Taxi +45 70 25 25 25
TaxaMotor +45 70 338 338
or +45 38 10 10 10

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