Copenhagen transport by bus
runs night and day

Copenhagen transport head pic.

The Copenhagen transport system works very well in general. If you intend to take the bus it pays off to estimate beforehand whether you're gonna use it only once or several times.

There are various types of bus tickets that fit every possible travel distance and area. The people at the information centers at the central station called "Hovedbanen" or at Nørreport Station will help you find out which ticket fits your needs the best depending on where you wanna go

The Copenhagen transport options are connected such that you can use the bus ticket as train ticket and vice versa. Whether you have bought your ticket in the train or the bus, it's valid in both, for the time period stamped on it.

Other Copenhagen transport options are

take the metro
go by bike
• .. or by boat
hail a taxi

There are some general guidelines how to use the buses. It‘s expected that you buy your ticket or card before you get on the bus. However you can pay for your ticket on the bus if you have a 20 kroner coin.

These buses have red corners and run with 3 - 5 min intervals. You therefore never wait very long and it virtually makes a time plan redundant.

Night buses
They run every night 365 days a year which is pretty amazing. They cover the main streets and replace all the other lines. Usually the last day buses go around midnight and from then on the night buses take over. Night buses all meet on the full hour on Rådhuspladsen The City Hall Square and they run from 1 a.m. - 5 a.m. Most departures between 1 a.m. - 3 a.m.

Note: During 1 a.m and 5 a.m. you have to pay a double fare. This is also the case for the Metro.

Tickets and discount cards
The Copenhagen transport system offers many different ticket options combining various discount cards and tickets to best suit your needs.

The Copenhagen Card is a very good offer if you intend to visit many different locations in the Copenhagen area. Check here for more info.

Bus and train tickets are stamped with time, date and departure zone. You pay for the number of zones you need.. but the minimum fare is for 2 zones.

Copenhagen transport Langelinie

.. Copenhagen bus at Langelinie

Copenhagen transport S-Train

Copenhagen S-train ..

Caveat: You can not purchase tickets on the S-trains. Buy before or stamp your discount card.

Discount tickets valid inside the Copenhagen transport net are available for 10 journeys and that might really pay off. It is obviously cheaper per journey to use a discount card than to buying the tickets one at a time.

When starting your journey you must punch the card in one of the many yellow card-clipping machines on either the bus, at the station or aboard the train, except for S-trains - as I mentioned already - where you must stamp before getting on the train.

One clip entitles you to travel within the number of zones printed on the face of the card.

Several simultaneous clips extends your period of travel and increase the number of zones you can travel in. You can clip for a maximum of seven zones, which enables you to travel in all zones for a period of two hours.

All discount tickets valid for the Copenhagen transport net are available at manned stations and ticket offices. You can buy discount cards for two or three zones from most vending machines at stations.

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