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The Danish currency
In Denmark you pay with kroner - not Euros although Denmark is a member of The European Union. Denmark has an exclusive monetary agreement with the EU .. and there's a cultural reason for that.

Danes like their own money and in the population there still is a scepticism towards a central economical power that would perhaps destroy or at the very least dilute what many Danes feel is part of their cultural heritage. This feeling has until now been prevalent in Denmark.

Danish Currency compos.

This is how the Danish money look ...

The Danish currency has been in use since 1875. Back then it was changed to "kroner" from the former currency "rigsdaler".

In 2000 the Danes had a referendum on the issue of whether their Danish kroner should change over to Euros like the rest of the EU countries - or it should remain Danish kroner.

This was the first chance to change currency in 125 years. But a majority wanted to keep the krone - and thus Denmark kept its old money as an excemption to the European Union common currency - the Euro.

At the moment you get 5,3 kroner for one US dollar (Sept. 2007). This obviously changes. Please check if rates are before or after commissions. When no commission is charged - the rate is usually poor. Just be careful with "great exchange offers" from the booths in town. They are not always so great after all.

Exchange money before arrival
Make your money exchange in your own bank before your travel. It's often to your benefit in terms of exchange rates. You can pay with US dollars and euros in many tourist places, but as soon as you are outside the larger cities - you'll need Danish kroner. Shopping is generally no problem with euros.. but the exchange rates in shops are usually not very good.

Currency calculators
It's helpful to check before you travel to Denmark how the Danish currency rates are momentarily. Online you have a variety of options. Please have in mind that the actual rates you'll find online are not necessarily the same as what you'll get at your destination. Also online rates are as always ever changing and thus merely for orientation.

Here's a good currency calculator

- I use it all the time.

Danish currency calculator

Also Yahoo has a decent currency calculator.

Danish currency calculator Yahoo

I wish you good luck exchanging to kroner and øre.

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