Danish furniture - cool and classic in one

Danish furniture has a reputation worldwide for its simple, beautiful design. "Very Scandinavian" as a friend said to me. And it's true.. you recognize the Danish Design by these standards. Over the years a number of outstanding Danish architects have created trend setting furniture pieces and collections, be it chairs, tables, lamps or silverware.

Danish furniture head compos.

The Danish design reflects the Scandinavian style with its pure clean lines

Here are some of those architects that have had the biggest influence on Danish furniture design ..

Arne Jacobsen
Perhaps the most influential Danish architect is both famous for his furniture designs as well as for his buildings, of which many are architectural classics today. Also numerous of his chairs have become classics, such as "The Swan", "The Ant" or "The Egg" - and of course the "Number / Chair" - all designed in the 1950s.

Check out this video tribute to Arne Jacobsen

Danish furniture Arne Jacobsen

Jacobsen's furniture and lighting at St. Catherine's College in Oxford.

Kaare Klint
Studied with his father who was a famous architect himself. He built "Grundtvigskirken" in Copenhagen, one of the biggest churches in Denmark. Through his devotion to pure clean lines, best materials and superb craftmanship - Klint influenced a generation of Danish furniture designers.

He was among the initiators of a modern Scandinavian style, and although he was a proponent for ergonomics in design - his own works were simple and elegant, with emphasis on fitting human proportions as best as possible.

Børge Mogensen
One of the most important furniture designers of his generation. Børge Mogensen contributed to making the concept of “Danish Design” known throughout the world. He studied with Kaare Klint for a number of years and expanded on Klint's innovative studies about how size and proportion influences the design.

Mogensen was responsible for creating a whole new attention and respect for Danish furniture design in the world. His simple, functional, yet beautiful designs still today - half a century later – receive worldwide attention and demand.

Hans J. Wegner
Just like Børge Mogensen Wegner was especially known and admired for his chairs. Hans J. Wegner was a true artist in his approach to design. He has claimed that .. "creating the right chair is something one is never really done with".

It was important to him to keep the playfulness alive in his work - not getting too overly serious. He often said "We must remember to play.. but play seriously".

Wegner often stated that the development of the "Danish style" was an ongoing process of purification in order to simplify a design down to its simplest possible elements. In creating Danish furniture designs he was very clear as to how he viewed his task as a designer.

"There should be no backside to a chair - it should be equally beautiful from every side and all angles."

Hans Wegner passed away only last year, 2007 - after a rich and productive life almost up to the very end. Here's to his memory

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