Danish names today are mostly evergreens

Danish names in fashion today are often the very old ones that get new attention. Significant for any culture are the names people have. Often you can tell where people come from just by the sound of their name. Baby names in Denmark undergo changes like anything else. Below you see a handful of traditional and typical Danish names.

Danish names head

What names are fashionable and which ones are not - is shifting. However, in Denmark there is a certain pool of traditional names that never seem to lose their popularity.

Oldies but Goodies
Male first names like "Søren", "Henrik", "Lars", "Hans", "Jørgen" or female first names like "Kirsten", "Hanne", "Mette", "Helle" or "Lone" were just as popular when I went to school thirty years ago, as they
are now.

Time typical
There are however also names used today that are typical for the present day. Female names such as "Cecillie", "Lærke" and "Jasmin" or male names like "Silas", "Lucas" and "Mikkel". These reflect a trend rather than a tradition.. beautiful names as they are.

So.. although my grandmother is called Ella, which is not very common nowadays, her friends in 1915 - 1920 were called e.g. "Ingeborg" , "Emma" and "Astrid" which are all among the most popular female names today.. so go figure.

Still it would be fair to say that there is after all a top 20 of male and female names that represent the "core" of what could be considered typical Danish names today. If you are interested in these most popular ones at the moment and over the last 6-7 years, please check here.

Notice: This webpage is only in Danish. At the left column are first names like "Jens" and "Peter" and right column are last names like "Jensen" and "Nielsen".

There are many names that are in fact not just used in Denmark, but rather Nordic or Scandinavian in their origin.

As an example, my name "Anders" is a common Scandinavian name frequently used in Norway and Sweden as well as in Denmark. However the name is pronounced quite differently due to the different language cultures in each country. Listen to the different pronounciations of the name "Anders".

What Danes name their babies
Most websites that feature what is supposed to be Danish names are often slightly superficial.. not to say a bit ridiculous. More often than not their lists of names are partly not really typical names from Denmark at all, but mixed with other Scandinavian or German names. Last names are frequently listed as first names.. etc. .

These lists are obviously made by non-Danish people. Needless to say that someone from Denmark, like myself, recognizes this in an instant. I mention this as a caveat in order to help you if you are really interested in finding actual Danish names.

Some resources have done their homework more than others. A few partly feature names that are genuinely Danish - even, as is the case so often - they mix them e.g. with Norwegian names. Also typically the spelling is not correct. A general mistake is the use of "c" (English) instead of "k" which is most often the correct spelling in Danish.

My recommendation is to use either Danish resources or - my tip - look for the letters "æ" "ø" and "å" in the names. Only real Danish names have these letters in them. Here's a link to a good website that features some real typical Danish male names 2007. and some typical Danish female names 2007. The site is in Danish only, but just scroll down a bit and there you'll find the list.. you can't miss it.

Have fun.

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