"Dannebrog" - The Denmark flag

The Denmark flag is considered the oldest flag in the world.. and the name of our Danish national flag is “Dannebrog”. Everywhere in Copenhagen you will see the flag waving from the flag poles on houses, gardens and even on every Danish birthday cake. Danes welcome any occasion to celebrate and wave the "Dannebrog".

Denmark flag head

Dannebrog waving is a very common sight everywhere in Denmark

"Dannebrog" means home to any Dane. How could it be any different? Our flag truly is an integral part of the Danish culture. It might be an old flag, but it is used in everyday life for any kind of celebration - from birthdays to Olympic victories.

The flag is an important symbol to most Danes. For many Danes the Denmark flag is not so much a symbol of patriotism as much as it symbolizes a genuine love and connection to their native country.. our "Fædreland" as we call it.

Constitution Day
Every year on June 5th, Denmark commemorates the Danish constitution which was signed 1849. This day is also considered the celebration of the Danish democracy.. so the Denmark flag is flying all over the land on this day.

According to the legend of the flag Dannebrog descended from the sky during a battle against the Estonians on 15th of June 1219. If it in fact really happened exactly like that I shall not guarantee - however what has been concluded for certain is, that Dannebrog is considered to be the oldest flag in the world.

Denmark flag Estonia 1219

Dannebrog falling from the sky during the Battle of Lyndanisse 1219

The Denmark flag design
It's maybe one of the first examples of genuine Danish Design.. kind of nice in its simplicity. The "Scandinavian Cross" or the "Nordic Cross" is present in all the flags of the Nordic countries, which means Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

Denmark flag Nordic flags

.. The 5 Nordic cross flags

"Flagstangen" - The flag pole
The Danes love to fly The Dannebrog and in Denmark it‘s very common to have a flagstaff in the garden, either as full flag or as a streamer like on the picture below right.

Originally the flag was the symbol of the King and Denmarks sovereignty. Since August 2nd 1854 after the King finally gave permission - it has been legal to fly Dannebrog as you please.

The flag is very popular in Denmark and in the world, so in order to pay proper respect, the following "rules" for flying the flag are generally agreed upon.

Common "rules" for flying the flag

• During the light part of the year the flag is hoisted 8 a.m. and is to be lowered at sun down, but no later than 8 p.m.

• The flag is to be carried over one arm to and from the flag pole.

• The hoisting and lowering of the flag should happen calmly and the flag is not to touch the ground.

• In order to protect the flag it is packed so that the white cross is covered by the red cloth.

• Flags that are either torn, dirty or faded are not to be used.

• It is Danish custom that as the flag is hoisted, everyone present face the flag and traditionally men will uncover their heads.

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