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There's many good Denmark travel options and a lot of things to know. Here you will find practical information, ideas and tips - but also a few impressions of Denmark and its culture. This might be helpful before deciding for a trip to this southernmost country of the Scandinavian region.

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.. 7314 km coast line - voilà

Did you know..

.. that although Denmark is a rather small country - it has 7314 km (4544 miles) of coast line? This is naturally due to the shape of the country and the large amount of islands. That also explains the many beaches.

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• Denmark's size, population and coast line
Flights and airports
The culture in Denmark
The Danish language
Danish currency
Vacation in Denmark
The weather
Visa information

Vacation areas in Denmark


Getting there
Most people who visit Denmark travel by air. If you intend to fly you will most likely go via Copenhagen Airport. For getting around you have many choices. You might want to rent a car or perhaps you might consider other means of getting around in Denmark. That's really all up to you.

The culture
For the Danes their cultural heritage is very important. As an example Hans Christian Andersen is not just for the tourists. We have all read his stories and grew up with his many fairy tales. Only as an adult I realized that people know him all over the world.

Also the Danish songs, the food and our flag called "Dannebrog" are yet further examples of the value the traditions hold for the Danish people.

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A few facts
The Danish kingdom is a rather flat country, so going by car or even doing your Denmark travel by bike is no problem. Highest point is 173 meters (570 feet) above sea level. As you can see on the map above - distances are relatively small.. it is easy to reach the other parts of the country starting out in Copenhagen.

Come to think of it.. travelling by car from the Danish capital you can reach the farthest points of Denmark in less than a day. In terms of Denmark travel options there are in fact many choices available.

The Danish population has in the meantime grown to approx. 5,5 million individuals and there's no signs of that tendency stopping any time soon.

There's always ocean nearby. I remember my father often told me when I was a boy that regardless of where in Denmark you are - the distance to the nearest ocean is nowhere more than 50 kilometers (30 miles). I always thought it was just a remark, but I checked it recently and it's actually true.

Wind Power
On a Denmark travel - you will see wind mills everywhere. They are positioned in good "wind spots" which there's plenty of. Sustainable energy is a high priority in Denmark.

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Wind is a natural resource. 20% of Denmark's electricity is produced through wind power - highest percentage of any country in the world - and Denmark is considered a pioneer in commercial wind power. These are facts that make me both happy and a little bit proud.

Also the wind makes life good for sailors. My first boat was a catamaran - a very fast species indeed. Later we got a bigger ship built for Scandinavian waters, with several cabins and a kitchen - called a "Skærgårdskrydser".

The inner waters of Denmark, as opposed to the west coast, are relatively calm meaning no big waves - even when there's plenty of wind. Perfect for smooth sailing. Especially in the summer time sailors from all of Europe visit Denmark in their yachts every year by the thousands.

Island hopping
Sailing from one little harbour to the next, is a much loved Denmark travel form. There are 405 named islands, of which 82 are inhabited. I haven't visited more than a fraction of them myself - but I've experienced the most spectacular ones. Check out the islands in southern Denmark

In Denmark - Danish is what we speak .. not something you eat. The Danish language is similar to Swedish and Norwegian, but has its very distinct differences from the other Scandinavian languages - particularly in how it is pronounced.

Danes generally speak English very well so you will have no problems as a foreigner communicating in Denmark when out shopping or in need of finding your way.

Speaking of shopping.. the Danish currency is called Kroner. Part of your Denmark travel preparation will be to change money before you go. Actually many places accept Euros.. but it doesn't pay off. The rates in the shops are less than favourable. Official rate (Sept. 2007) : 1 Euro = 7.5 DKK and 1 US Dollar = 5,3 DKK. Read more about the Danish money.

Vacation in Denmark
Considering a Denmark vacation for the first time? Here are some of my own Denmark impressions with pictures - as well as suggestions for places to go in Denmark.

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The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde
This is the perfect day trip tip if you are staying in Copenhagen.

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The museum is right at the water and offers a variety of activities in a beautuful location. Being viking for a day includes visiting their viking ship yard and going on a trip with one of the old boats. Read more about the viking ships here

How is the weather?
For being situated in the heart of Scandinavia the Danish weather
Danish weather
is mild, mainly due to the waters surrounding the country.

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The climate is lush although rainy days also belong to Danish weather. However especially the last decade summers have been increasingly on the sunny side. It usually snows in the winter turning the landscapes into beautiful white rolling hills. Summers are warm and absolutely my favourite time of year in Denmark..

A Denmark travel visa
Denmark requires visa in addition to a regular passport - for some countries.

How to get a visa? You simply apply at your embassy or consulate of Denmark e.g. a Danish Embassy near you and they will take care of the rest. Get more information about Denmark visa

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