A Denmark vacation with
ocean, wind and rolling hills

A Denmark vacation is something I have only recently come to really appreciate. Being a Dane myself I always took the beauty of the Danish country side for granted. Now I know better. Having lived for some years now in a place where there is very far to any ocean - I've come to value the time whenever I'm in Denmark - being close to the ocean again.

Denmark vacation head compos.

Somewhat to my surprise it's actually a priviledge to be a tourist in my home country. Here are a few impressions of what travelling through Denmark can be like. There's obviously many more things to see and experience.. these are just some of my favourites.

Areas to visit in Denmark ..

Jutland or "Jylland" and the west coast
• "Skagen" - the peak point of Denmark (part of Jutland)
Bornholm - the pearl of the Baltic Sea

Funen or "Fyn" with its archipelago .. a sailors paradise.
Zealand or "Sjælland" with the capital - Copenhagen.

Denmark vacation fields

Rolling hills with corn fields - a lot of Denmark in one place ..

Indulge me for a moment
Particularly during the summer time a Denmark vacation really is something special. I have seen many impressive and gorgeous places on my travels .. but coming back to Denmark driving through a landscape like the one on the picture above, I sense a certain sweet beauty which is difficult to explain .. and I begin to understand why the words and music of the Danish poets and composers sound the way they do.

Copenhagen area
Please check my top 10 Must-see places in the Copenhagen area.

Denmark vacation sailing wide

Øresund.. the waters between Copenhagen and Sweden..

I plan to bring information on various places in Denmark the coming future. Please check back again. In the meantime..

I wish you all the best with your planning.

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