Denmark visa - do you need one?

A Denmark visa is required in addition to a regular passport - for some countries. It‘s a very good idea to check if you need one - especially as it often takes a while to have it made. Weeks perhaps even months.. so please check this in good time.

Schengen countries are the dark blue on the map

The Schengen Agreement
Is an agreement between a number of European states on open boarders and it says that you can travel freely within the member countries - provided that you have a Schengen Visa. This means when you have that, you need not apply again for individual member countries - for example Denmark. It grants the holder a right to travel in the entire Schengen region.

How to get one?
You simply apply for a Schengen Visa from your embassy or consulate of the country you intend to visit first - e.g. a Danish Embassy near you and they will take care of the rest. Again.. be in good time. These things can indeed take a while.Click at following list of countries whose citizens are required a visa for Denmark

Foreign policy and regulations can change. If you'd like further visa information I would recommend you to get the most actual info Please check here.

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