Denmark weather has all four seasons -
but summer has my heart

The Denmark weather is mild due to the ocean surrounding it. Especially in the summer time the climate is wonderful. Days are long. On a day in late June in Copenhagen the sun comes up around 4.30 am and sets short before 10 pm. It seldom gets really hot but rather friendly warm and often with a breeze. Some wind is ever present in Denmark - truly a sailors nation. It makes the calm sunny days all the more spectacular.

Denmark weather head compos.

The days during the winter are shorter. But although the winter usually comes with snow and temperatures below 0º Celcius or 32ºF the light is there. When snow is falling everything becomes bright.. albeit only for about 8 hours. This is the time for exploring museums, exhibitions, theatre performances and ice skating.

The wind
In general the Denmark weather has a lot of wind. Sailors from all of Europe come in the summer time, because you can count on wind - also on the warm sunny days there's likely to be at least some breeze.

The last decade or so the sunny days are on the rise and while in earlier times it was unthinkable to have summer temperatures above 30º - it is nowadays not so seldom anymore.

However in general I would still say - always bring a wind breaker. It's not a sailing nation for nothing. The ocean wind is often your companion. If you should choose to make a biking tour in the country side, the wind is an important factor to take into account. It can be a challenge biking against the wind but it keeps you fit.

Summer in Denmark
The Denmark weather in the summer is warm and lush but on sunny days temperatures rarely exceed 27 - 28º C (80 - 85 F). Also in the summer I recommend to bring clothes for a windy day, especially if you visit the west coast of Jutland where it can get pretty fresh. However the eastern parts of Denmark are much quieter..

Denmark weather beach walk

The west coast of Jutland is very beautiful with its broad beaches and tall cliffs. A lot of wind makes it perfect for long refreshing walks enjoying the air and listening to the sound of the sea gulls.

Zealand (Sjælland) or the east coast is more calm and generally warmer. The beaches here are excellent. There are several wonderful beach areas north of Copenhagen as well as on the east side of the island.

Winter in Denmark
During the winter time we can have days of grey but also days of glistening beauty, where the sun lights up the white landscape. Winters have snow but temperatures only on occasion drop below minus 5 degrees celcius (15 F). When the lakes in Copenhagen freeze up at some point during the winter - it's time for families and friends to go skating and have fun.

Denmaerk weather frozen lake

Many lakes freeze at some point which means skating time ..

Christmas weather
White Christmas in Denmark is not guaranteed but when it is there.. it‘s absolutely breathtaking. The streets become quiet and people speak more softly and you hear the many singers on the pedestrian streets of the inner city much clearer. It‘s adorable.

New Year's Eve
The Denmark weather around 31th of December is often perfect. A clear frozen night sky where you can see the fireworks from far away. A few years ago at midnight on New Year's Eve I was standing with my friends directly upon the ice out in the middle of one of the Copenhagen lakes, with our champagne, glasses and basket.. watching the fireworks lighting up the night sky.. wishing the best for the new year.

Even though the lakes don't freeze every year - it's always a very special experience when it happens and for me a moment to remember.

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