Which flights to Copenhagen
give you the best value for your money?

Flights to Copenhagen are not as expensive as one would think - especially if you can live with a stop-over. Being flexible on dates also gives you a lot more opportunities. Since flying is the most obvious way to travel to Copenhagen, at least if you come from outside Europe - let‘s look at the options. Go straight to Copenhagen Airport here.

Flights to Copenhagen Air bus

With a bit of flexibility flights to Copenhagen are pretty easy to find. Obviously price means a lot but also quality is important, particularly when you have to fly for many hours. From the US east coast you have a flying time for direct flights of 7,5 hours. When you fly from the west coast area you must estimate about 10-11 hours. It speaks for itself.. it has to be a good flight.

A good tip though when you wanna find cheap flights to Denmark is checking the domestic airline Scandinavian Airlines/SAS - the main Scandinavian airline - for offers before you start searching for flights elsewhere. You have a good chance of finding something interesting - especially if you can accept a stop on the way.

SAS has daily direct connections to Copenhagen departing from

• New York (Newark)
• Washington
• Chicago
• Seattle

SAS Tel: +45 7010 2000

Additionally when searching for cheap flights to Copenhagen check the other European Airlines such as Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, KLM, Sabena or Iberia before booking with a say US airline.

When travelling to Europe the European airlines tend to have better offers on their own destinations like Copenhagen than airlines outside Europe can offer.

But not always. As an example, New York JFK – Copenhagen CPH is a direct flight, and you can end up paying no more for it than many flights with a stop over cost. Of course, these prices also depend on what city you travel from, but it is well worth checking it.

Delta and Continental are both flying non-stop to Copenhagen out of Atlanta and New York (Newark).

Not much for flying?
Have you considered other ways of going to Denmark perhaps by car, by bus or to take a train ride to Copenhagen - and maybe even Norway and Sweden?

Within Europe
Flying within Europe has become much cheaper the last years. Cheap flights to Copenhagen are getting easier to find as the competition between budget airlines in Europe is becoming more fierce - which is good for the customers... so the possibility of finding Copenhagen air fares at favourable prices was never better than now.

Prices drop when you are willing to combine your flight with a stop-over at one of the major airport hubs such as Bruxelles, Amsterdam or Frankfurt. Travelling in the middle of the week can also mean a big difference in price.

However, my experience is that low budget airlines have many more conditions than the larger airlines do, so please check before if there are any extra charges for overweight, catering or concerning booking.

Flights to Copenhagen welcome

European estimated flying times to Copenhagen from:

London and Paris - 1 hour 50 minutes
Rome - 2 hours 40 minutes
Madrid - 3 hours 15 minutes
Amsterdam - 1 hour 25 minutes
Munich - 1 hour 30 minutes

Copenhagen Airport
There are many airlines that fly directly to Copenhagen. Copenhagen Airport is the hub of Scandinavia and is the 15. biggest airport in the world.

With its new beautifully designed Terminal 3 and with the direct train connection to Malmö Sweden via the bridge between Denmark and Sweden - it has become one of the major airports for Northern Europe.

Flights to Copenhagen Terminal 3

Having found your flights to Copenhagen and already planning your trip - there‘s a few practical things worth paying attention to.

Denmark visa
For some countries a Denmark visa is required in addition to a regular passport. It‘s a very good idea to check if you need one - especially as it often takes a while to have it made. Weeks perhaps even months.. so do it in good time.

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