"Fyn er fin" - Funen is fine

Fyn is a sailor's paradise
Boats, water and wind belong together.. and all three things
you'll find lots of in Denmark.
Many sailing people from northern Europe spend their Denmark vacation visiting the many little harbours in the waters south of Funen.

A much preferred route for many sailors is coming down from the North Sea passing by Anholt - a pearl of an island in the middle of Kattegat, ending up in the waters around Fyn. Here everything is calmer and the many small harbours are closer to each other.

The islands of Samsø and Ærø are particularly beautiful.

A good deal of Denmark's 400 islands you will find in the southern waters of Denmark. Cruising by sail between islands like Ærø, Drejø, Skarø and Langeland in the archipelago has by many sailing people been called heaven on water.

The protected waters are ideal for people who are not necessarily "experts" sailors.. but just love the sailing. There are countless small cosy harbours where one can anchor for the night. Do bring water resistant clothes in case of rain. If the weather changes you wanna be prepared. Rain and sailing can be fun too - but be dressed for it. For sailing in sunshine.. just remember to bring your soul.

Odense - the third largest city in Denmark is situated in the centre of Funen island. It was where Hans Christian Andersen was born and a gorgeous place to visit especially in the summer. A good resource is The Funen Village Online. Check it out here

Hans Christian Andersen
Odense was Hans Christian Andersen's birth place. He lived here from his birth in 1805 until he turned 14 - where he moved to Copenhagen to apply for the Royal Danish Theatre. It seems he had a fairly happy childhood in Odense with a strong passion for the arts very early on.

Fyn Hans Christian Andersen compos.

Egeskov Castle
In a small town called Kværndrup with just 1600 inhabitants, there is a medieval castle - in fact it's the best preserved renaissance water castle in Europe. This place is astonishing in many ways. Its history dates back to 1405. It took 30 years to build it and it is said that it took an entire forest to have enough wood for building the foundation. Hence the name Egeskov which means "oak forest".

Photo: Malene Thyssen

Distances on Fyn are moderate and as the island is placed quite in the middle of Denmark, you can reach almost anywhere within a few hours using the bridges connecting the island to Jylland and Sjælland. If you want to visit some of the smaller islands surrounding Fyn - which I highly recommend - take a ferry.

Especially from the towns of Svenborg, Faaborg and Assens you can get one of the small ferries that will take you to the nearby smaller islands. It's great fun to sail from one small harbour to another.

Ærø forever
When you're anyway in the south of Fyn - most important island not to miss is.. Ærø. Why? Because out of all of the beautiful stops on your island hopping tour - Ærø is simply so special in its grace and calm historic beauty.

The two towns to visit are Ærøskøbing and Marstal.. and anything in between - just let yourself enjoy the journey from here to there. It's literally gorgeous no matter where you are on this island. I can recommend a biking trip. A bit of exercise while driving through one of the most extraordinary landscapes in Denmark.

I wish you fun enjoying Fyn and the islands.

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