Getting Around
With a Map of Copenhagen

There are indeed many options how to get around in Copenhagen. With a map of Copenhagen it‘s even easier to find ways that not only get you from A to B, but are actually fun too. Whatever location you're looking for in Copenhagen.. you‘ll need a good paper map.

.. but first "how can I get around?" If you need a budget car rental Copenhagen provides you with a number of offers. Or maybe you'd like to take one of the canal boat tours from Nyhavn, which will show you the city from the water side.. or bike.

Regular transportation

If you simply need to get from A to B you can...

rent a car
take the train
or the Metro
take the bus
• or do what Copenhageners do - bike
or take a taxi

Fun options that will still get you from A to B..

take the waterbus - connects all parts of the main harbour
• try a rickshaw.. yes, you read correctly. Read more here
• sail through the narrow canals of Copenhagen and see the old town from the water
• ..or simply just take a stroll

You can get a lot of practical information e.g. about bus and train schedules, various ticket options like Copenhagen Card , Freedom Ticket, 24 hour ticket

Need a map of Copenhagen?

Whenever I travel to places I don't know I tend to check it out before online and in most cases I already buy a map as part of my travel preparations. Check a Copenhagen map online or go directly for buying a real paper map of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen maps online
For a first impression and an overview please check

• Copenhagen map online by Google

Google map of Copenhagen

Old school? You wanna buy a real paper map of Copenhagen?
As long as you can still get it, a really good map of Copenhagen that I can warmly recommend is "Falk Plan Copenhagen".

Map of Copenhagen Falk map

It has a patent folded design which means you can keep it in a booklet form. No need for big unfoldings on windy street corners. It‘s practical, very handy and it covers everything you need.

Currently has by far the cheapest offer - even incl. shipping. You can get it there for about $15,- + shipping

Should they be out of stock try at

Already in town?
If you're already in Copenhagen and you still need a map.. tourist offices in town all provide the usual scanty quick-overview-city-maps filled with ads and without much detail.. and that‘s okay if you just need to know where you are.. but for exploring the city my recommendation is to go to ..

The best map shop in all of Denmark - and it‘s conveniently right in the middle of town. .. So when you are anyway out shopping or just strolling I encourage you to swing by at "Nordic Map Shop" in Studiestræde 26- 30, situated in one of København's most charming quarters – the lovely Latin Quarter.

It is THE place for getting a good paper map of Copenhagen or any other map you could ever wish for. Here you can take your time and try them out yourself.

Map of Copenhagen Nordic map shop

The Nordic Map Shop has a website however it‘s not exactly a cornucopia of information, but once you visit them in their shop you‘ll realize, they have a lot to offer.

And if you still lost your orientation .. ask someone for direction which is a good way to come in contact with people. At first they might be a bit shy but Danes usually speak excellent English and will be able to help you. So don't hesitate to ask someone.

Happy exploring ...

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