A good map of Denmark
should be an inspiration

A good detailed map of Denmark makes exploring the different parts of the Danish country side a lot easier, even inspiring. If you are staying in the capital, Copenhagen - by car or train you can actually reach most places in Denmark within a couple of hours.

Map of Denmark head compos.

When looking at a map of Denmark or Copenhagen for that matter, it's good to notice that distances here are smaller than you might expect.

Even if you know the scale of the map - you'll still most likely get to where you wanna be sooner than you first expect. Denmark is not a big place - in fact a little bigger than Maryland or about half the size of Ireland.

Whether you want to ..

• Explore the surrounding areas of Copenhagen
• Enjoy the Danish country side by bike
• Do Denmark by train. Danish trains are fast and clean.

.. a real paper map of Denmark can be practical when biking. Nowadays there are very specific and detailed maps available for exactly the areas you are going to.. in case you wanna seek out some "secret spots" on your own.

Check out a good bike map

As you can see on the map below - Denmark is very "compact". Nothing is far away. Many experiences are in reach within a rather small area.

Beaches are almost everywhere and if you like visiting the local Danes .. smaller towns are generously spread all over the country. It's easy enough to come in contact when you need to ask for directions. People like to help.

Online maps
A map of Denmark to have with you is of course a must. However it's really helpful to have a look at the country using an online map. I prefer Google's even to the local Danish online maps. They are just the best in so many respects. Just punch in "Denmark" and you'll be right there.

Map of Denmark Google online

A travel guide is also a big help.. especially if it's a good one. If you like to be guided around in Denmark please check out this one.

Map of Denmark Eyewitness The Eyewitness Denmark Travel Guide
One of the best guides/map of Denmark is the one from the Eyewitness series. You can get this "old school" paper map at Amazon. There are so many things to know and this one makes generous use of photos which gives better impressions.

Read what one of many buyers of this guide wrote. It puts it pretty plain and simple. Here's an excerpt from an Amazon review april 19 2007 -

"I have never been disappointed with the Eyewitness books and I usually end up sharing them with others on trips. As other reviews confirm, this is THE book to buy for a trip to Denmark or simply Copenhagen. Don't waste your money and time buying any other book."

Already in Denmark?
Should you have arrived already and you need a quality map of any part of Denmark - specific or general, THE map store is Nordisk Korthandel, situated in Studiestraede 26-30, DK-1455, Copenhagen. They have everything you can possibly ask for concerning a map of Denmark and they are very willing to help you out.

Map of Denmark Falk Mostly in the Copenhagen area?If you are primarily gonna stay in Copenhagen and its surrounding areas, get this special patent folded guide map of the Denmark capital. Again, a paper map gives a whole different kind of overview and this is the best one I know. It's old school but it's fun and very practical.

God tur!

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