Nyhavn - the old "New Harbour"

Nyhavn - meaning "New Harbour" - is not so new anymore, but nonetheless a very special place. For me having lived in Copenhagen most of my life, these 17th century houses .. the wooden boats and the relaxed historical atmosphere are truly unique. Like visiting another time - yet without having to miss out on a latte or an ice cold beer.

Nyhavn has many charming faces.. both during the day and at night

When Hans Christian Andersen lived here this part of town was far from being the fashionable area it is today. In those days it had a bad reputation and was a rather dubious quarter - mostly visited by sailors and prostitutes. But even in its nowadays posh appearance, you can still sense the rough life style from back then.. as you enjoy a cold drink on the old canal watching the boats come and go.

There are numerous restaurants and bars where the most well known are "Cap Horn" and "17". All establishments are facing the picturesque harbour and when the weather is warm every available seat is occupied.

This includes a lot of young people practicing the bring-your-own-beer option, using a less formal seating directly on the quay.. enjoying the sunshine, (as you can see on the upper left picture above). This has been the custom since the 1970s when Nyhavn began changing into a popular hanging-out place.. for Copenhageners as well as tourists.

.. musicians are often playing on the quay as the boats come and go

This old harbour was inaugurated in the 1670s by King Christian V under the name "Nyhavnskanalen" "The New Harbour Canal". Its very central location next to Kongens Nytorv and Stroget makes it an ideal starting point for any kind of day trip. Many famous spots are just around the corner. Amalienborg Palace, Langelinie and The Little Mermaid are within 10 min. walking distance.

Canal boats
Most of the canal tour boats start from here or stop by and in the summer time you can catch them every half hour. More about routes, canal sights and prices you find here. Be sure to watch the video.

Most of the houses are more than 300 years old. No. 9 being the oldest building from 1681.. yes there are actually people living there. (See the picture below).

The oldest house is no. 9 .. built in 1681

Nyhavn is also home for many veteran wooden ships that have their regular space here. As is the case in the canals of Christianshavn, quite some people have turned their ships into house boats and live there all year round. It adds much to the atmosphere that people actually are living here.

If you would like to find a hotel in this area - you don't have to go far. There's plenty of both three and four star accomodation next door. Here's two within 2 min walking distance:

• "Maritime Hotel", Peder Skrams Gade 19, 1054 K Map

• "Copenhagen Admiral Hotel", Toldbodgade 24-28, 1253 K Map

Enjoy your time in the old "New Harbour". It's easy.

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