Enjoy a restaurant Copenhagen style

Like in many bigger cities, when it comes to finding a restaurant Copenhagen offers a lot of options. Generally the quality is high and the city has a reputation for good restaurants. Lunch eateries and take-aways are many and below you will find my favourite ones in each category.

When looking for an inexpensive restaurant Copenhagen has a wide variety, both in style and nationality. Out of the big number of places to dine, let me suggest:

I started coming here when I was young and we were hungry and in need of a quality all-you-can-eat place. They are famous for their vegetarian buffet - Mediterranean style, complete with salads, vegetables, humus, falafel and many other delicious things. You can order fish or meat as side dishes as well. Prices are very reasonable. 69 DDK (9 Euros) for the buffet.

Riz Raz
Store Kannikestræde 19
1169 K
+45 33 32 33 45

Pasta Basta
Known for its long hours (open until 5am) and a nice place with reasonable prices serving mostly Italian food. They have a good pasta buffet for 79 DDK (10 Euros).
Pasta Basta
Valkendorfsgade 22
1151 K
+45 33 11 21 31

Jensens Bøfhus
If you are more into red meat on a budget - don't hesitate to go try "Jensen's" steaks. Here you get food for your money. For example Spareribs all you can eat with original cole slaw, fries and BB sauce for 149 DDK (20 Euros). They have 5 places in the Copenhagen centre. Most cosy branch location is:

Gråbrødretorv 15
1154 K
+45 33 32 78 00

Lunch time..

Taking someone to lunch .. yourself perhaps? Here's a few tips that many Copenhageners don't even know.

Cafe Hovedtelegrafen
If you like seafood, this beautiful bright lunch place might just be something for you. From this restaurant Copenhagen can be seen in all its splendor. Over the roof tops of downtown Copenhagen you can enjoy the view while having a delicious meal.

The place is part of "Post & Tele Museum" and only access to the restaurant is through the entrance in Købmagergade 37. An elevator will take you to the top floor. Opening hours 10am - 5pm. Wed. 10am - 8pm. Monday closed.

Købmagergade 37
1000 K
+45 3341 0986

Restaurant Sankt Annæ
If you would like to lunch in a very traditional Copenhagen restaurant, this would be just right place. With more than more than 100 years of experience they serve all the real traditional lunch courses, including smørrebrød, hering with onion rings, biksemad and frikadeller.

In December before Christmas it's actually hard to get a table. It's booked all December for "Julefrokost" celebrations (traditional Danish Christmas lunch). A restaurant Copenhagen is known for. Truly a cultural experience. Do book in advance.

Sankt Annæ Plads 12
1250 K
+45 3312 5497

"Falafel House" in Købmagergade is the best shawarma/falaffel places in Copenhagen, by far. They make their big spear of home marinaded meat using an old secret recipe. It's made fresh every day and you can taste the difference. Do try a shawarma with a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice. Fast food doesn't get much better than that..

Falafel House
Købmagergade 23
1150 K
+45 3315 0439

A very charming area with a less than charming name. Coming from Rådhuspladsen on Strøget - turn left at Kattesundet which further up is named Larsbjørnstræde and Teglgårdstræde.

In this posh offbeat area, you will find several delightful take-aways for any time of day. Sandwich bars, cafes and lunch places both Danish as well as oriental share the limited space in the old street. Here you can't do much wrong. Not to mention the shopping options here are fabulous.

Try these two places right next to each other:

"Flyvefisken" or "Atlas"
Larsbjørnsstræde 18
1454 K
Tel. +45 3314 9515 / +45 33150352

See on this map where they are

Real Italian Pizza
My favourite pizza place is a great experience. They are fast, friendly and fair priced. I like them a lot. Try their breads too.
Pizzeria La Fiorita
Ahlefeldtsgade 28, kl.
1359 København K
+45 3333 9960

Top restaurants
The latest Michelin guide 2008 has awarded stars to 11 establishments in Copenhagen alone. One with 2-stars, which is like .. awesome. Michelin awards a handful of the best restaurants in the world with either 1, 2 or 3 stars. The latter being the highest honour, given to just 58 restaurants worldwide.

If you are interested in really good food and you are willing to spend a bit extra, perhaps for a special occasion - here are a couple of first class restaurants really worth visiting:

Restaurant Noma (2*)
This establishment belongs to the very best of what a gourmet restaurant Copenhagen style has to offer. The menu is mainly based on the traditional Nordic kitchen.

Strandgade 93
DK-1401 København K
Tel. +32 96 32 97

Kong Hans (1*)
One of the Copenhagen restaurants of the best quality rooted in the traditional French kitchen. At Kong Hans it has always been the ambition to be one of the best restaurants in Europe.. and it is.

Vingaardsstræde 6
DK-1070 Copenhagen K
Tel. +45 33 11 68 68

Smoke free
If you are looking for a smoke free restaurant Copenhagen can be a challenge. Denmark is just waking up to smoke free environments and although there‘s a growing number of non-smoker eating places - it moves slowly. But many hosts are aware of the increasing demand for non-smoking areas, so it's moving in the right direction.

Cafe "Jorden Rundt" is primarily non-smoking..

Cafe Jorden Rundt
Actually primarily a cafe although you can eat very well here. This beauty of a place is situated north of the town centre, with a spectacular view over the water. Common areas are smokefree. Do visit Jorden Rundt - my favourite lunch cafe. They have two places - both very good. The one you see above is however my favourite.

Jorden Rundt
Strandvejen 152
2920 Charlottenlund
+45 39 63 73 81

Here is a success story and a restaurant Copenhagen can be proud of.. combining quality and smoke-free environment.

Restaurant Vespa
Due to highly initiative owners Torben Klitbo and Christian Lytje -is the fourth smokefree quality restaurant Copenhagen has been blessed with. "Cofoco", "Les Trois Cochons" and "Auberge" are the three other non-smoking eateries being run according to the same concept..

.. and the concept is simple: Offer people quality 4-5-course meals for 250 DDK (30-35 Euros) in clean-air surroundings - and it has become a huge success.. for a reason. Check them out.

Restaurant Vespa
Store Kongensgade 90
+45 33 13 60 60 / +45 35 35 39 00

A few other eateries where you don't have to worry about smoke..

Amaliegade 10
A nice family restaurant with reasonable prices, next to The Royal Family's Castle "Amalienborg" - close to the waterfront and The Little Mermaid.

Amaliegade 10
1256 København K
+45 33 43 55 10

Nyhavn's Færgekro
In the heart of Nyhavn. The old harbour with the special atmosphere. You hardly find a better location.
Nyhavn 5
København K
33 15 15 88

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