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The Rides

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen has a lot to offer in terms of excitement. It was named after the original Tivoli Gardens near Rome in Italy. However an important difference to our Tivoli is all the rides.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen head comp

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen has a tranquille atmosphere allright but there certainly are a couple of "nasty" amusements to consider. If you are in the mood for some action there are many entertainments that await you .. almost regardless of how old you are. In doubt which rides are the best ones? Tivoli sorts them in three cathegories: "Wild ones", "Fun ones" and "For kids". ( http://www.tivoli.dk/composite-3353.htm )

Let me introduce you to a few of my own favourites.

.. first up

The Star Flyer

One of the newer spectacular rides in Tivoli is the world's tallest carousel "The Star Flyer" or "Himmelskibet" as it's called in Danish. It reaches 80 meters in the air (260 ft) and as you can see on the close-up below you better hang on to your hat and spectacles while being up there.

It opened in 2006 and you have a fantastic view all over the city of Copenhagen from the top. I tell you .. 80 meters in the air - that‘s real tall for a merry-go-round..

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Starfighter comp © Photo Tivoli

The Good Old Ferris Wheel
From the top of the ferris wheel Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen looks breath-taking. If you are with a loved one.. this is the spot to be. Effortlessly the wheel turns in perfect kissing speed. Slowly wavering at the top with a spectacular view showing that Tivoli really is an enchanting garden. In the evening you can also see most of the lights in the center of the city.

The Old Ferris Wheel has been a classic since its opening in 1943 - almost on the day of the 100 year anniversary of Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen ferris wheel comp. © Photo Tivoli

The Demon
One of the newer and more crazy rides is The Demon. Without making a full review - you should be used to loops and spins - otherwise it could take you by surprise. But it‘s a lot of fun and you really feel you're alive.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Demon comp.

© Photo Tivoli

Should you not feel quite up for the challenge, I can warmly recommend The Old Roller Coaster - which comes with the best view and actually gives you the time to enjoy it.

The Old Roller Coaster
For those who enjoy a slightly more human ride Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen has the oldest running roller coaster in the world. On every ride there's a driver who sits in the middle, like he has always done. Built in 1914 completely out of wood - it still guarantees a good scream downhill and as you can see below you have a superb view on the top.. of course that's right before it goes doooown again..

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen old roll.coaster

© Photo Tivoli

The reason it carries an operator on every ride is that he controls the speed by braking down the hills so it doesn't go too fast. This ride is really "unplugged". The wooden smell and the squeeky sounds of this thing are so "alive". Unlike The Demon - which is likely to scare the whatever out of you .. but it still does it "smoothly" in comparison to the old wooden roller coaster here.

.. okay - just in case you fell asleep

The Golden Tower
Don't eat a heavy lunch right before entering this one. It's fun - but your stomach will need your full attention. Just an outstanding view of Copenhagen City .. however you'll have to hurry up if you wanna catch it.. before the "free fall".

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Golden Tower

© Photo Tivoli

For more info on the various rides in Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen - please check here.

Have fun!

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