Travel to Denmark at your own pace

When you wanna travel to Denmark and Copenhagen is your destination, the fastest way is obviously to take a flight, especially when travelling from outside Europe. Fortunately to find flights to the Danish capital - and even cheap flights to Copenhagen is not difficult at all. However from countries within Europe there are certainly other ways of getting to Copenhagen.

.. let's look at the options

Travel to Denmark storebaeltsbroen

By car
You like to be independant..? When you travel to Denmark driving to Copenhagen is really no problem. The many bridges in Denmark make driving directly to Copenhagen a breeze, whether you're coming from Germany or Sweden via the bridge between Denmark and Sweden.

Travel to Denmark ferry

.. of course taking one of the many ferries on your way to Copenhagen has a lot more charm and let's your soul arrive with you as well.

Driving your own car to Copenhagen has many advantages - particularly if you would like to take daytrips around Copenhagen. Having your car with you will give you freedom and flexibility.

Travel to Denmark Strandvej compos.

The trip up the northern coast line of Copenhagen offers gorgeous views ..

By train
The railway system in Denmark works very well. You can arrive in Copenhagen at almost any time you want. There are lots of good train connections from most European cities.

If you are headed straight for Copenhagen you can check the Copenhagen trains schedule from the city you are travelling from. For info on Copenhagen trains schedules contact DSB at their contact info page.

God speed
A train ride to Copenhagen also allows you to take a trip in a modest tempo where you experience the countries from your window. Going by train still adds a whole different quality to travelling.

Travel to Denmark Landscape-train compos.

.. take a train ride and enjoy the landscape of Denmark

A few train travel options
You can travel to Denmark by train at your own pace and visit other European countries - If this speaks to you Eurail might be something for you.

.. or you can go by train with an Interrail Pass which is a great option if you are under 25. Even when you don‘t use all that the ticket covers - it still might be worth considering.

And also if you're not under 25 they have have an "Adult Pass" too - so check out their conditions to decide what suits you the best.

Scandinavia only..?
When you travel to Denmark, why not visit Norway and Sweden? Also here a Interrail ticket is a fantastic option if you want to explore more parts of Scandinavia in connection with your visit in the Danish capital.

How about being driven around Norway and Sweden in luxurious fast trains next to deep fjords and through mountains and huge forests?

Travel to Denmark Norwegian fjord

.. the Norwegian fjords and the Scandinavian landscapes are simply breath taking

Travel to Denmark Norwegian sunset

The Scandinavian nature is truly a special experience.. and in the summer time the light is 20 hours+ daily.

The Interrail ticket as you know has two kinds of ticket options, 1 country and full Europe wide ticket and in most cases that's what pays off to do.

You can travel thousands of miles - including everywhere in Scandinavia, except for a few more local rail companies. As goes for the rest of Europe, this ticket is really a bargain.

By Bus
Getting to Copenhagen by bus is probably the cheapest way. There are several bus services that travel to and from Copenhagen to European cities as well as to other places inside Denmark - but most of them are meant for northern Europeans and are therefore not in English.. except Eurolines.

Travel to Denmark Eurolines

Eurolines cover the major cities in Europe ...

Eurolines is a leading bus service that has a Europe wide network. I have travelled with them myself and if you like going by bus they have good buses and cover most places worth seeing in Europe. If you don't mind longer bus rides - Eurolines will get you from A to B at very affordable prices.

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