Zealand - much more than Copenhagen

Zealand or "Sjælland" as we say - is the island where Denmark's capital Copenhagen is situated and offers many locations perfectly suited for a day excursion if you are staying in the city. I am by far not covering all about the island here - but rather a few hand picked spots that I know myself. This island is so much more than just the home of the capital of Denmark.

Zealand Odsherred

Odsherred landscape in the north west

The north western and the south eastern parts of Zealand are among the most recommendable areas for a first visit to Denmark. The landscapes around Odsherred just make you drive slower.. if it doesn't completely bring you to a stop. Just to take in the view over the fields and the hills lowering down toward the water. Aaaah, life is good here. ..

Read about..

• The cliffs of Møn
• The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde
• Elsinore and Kronborg Castle

Mother Earth rests in herself here. It's just natural beauty wherever you look. Rolling hills, fields and glittering water to all sides. This is an area you are not apt to be racing through. You wanna take your time here.

Zealand Odsherred Anders

I really like this area.. I guess it shows

Zealand Odsherred map

... "Sjælland" is located to the east next to Sweden

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde
This is the perfect day trip tip if you are staying in Copenhagen.

Zealand viking ship museum

The museum is right at the water and offers a variety of activities in a beautuful location. Being viking for a day includes visiting their viking ship yard and going on a trip with one of the old boats.
Read more about the viking ships here

The Cliffs of Møn
Zealand is mostly sandy coasts except for the chalk cliffs at Stevns and Møn. These steep chalky limestone cliffs are worth a trip. A fascinating landmark and a famous tourist attraction along the eastern coast south of Copenhagen - on the island of Møn.

This area has some of the highest points in Denmark like Aborrebjergå, 143 m (470 ft) above sea level.. which - believe it or not - is a lot for Denmark.

Zealand Moens Cliff

The nature around Møn's Cliff is spectacular from the seaside. Here some more amazing pictures of the Cliffs of Møn

Tall cliffs stretch about 6 km (3,8 miles) and fall about 120 m (400 ft). However, the steep chalk hills are eroded by the ocean and recently (2007) there was again a major landslide.

Elsinore and Kronborg Castle
In the north east of Zealand you find the city where "Hamlet's castle" is placed at the corner of "Kattegat" and Øresund. I still find it quite an impressive castle. No wonder Shakespeare was inspired to let the plot of Hamlet take place here.

The castle dates back to 1420. It was actually built as a kind of toll fortress. King Eric of Pomerania decided that every ship leaving or entering the Baltic Sea should pay a tax.

I did a concert there once in what is called "Riddersalen" - The Hall of Knights. This huge spectacular room truly sets you back 500 years in time in a second and is simply a great experience. Kronborg is a must-see if you have the time. Hey.. it's only a 45 min train ride from Copenhagen central station.

Zealand Kronborg 1

.. seen from the land side

Zealanf Kronborg 2

From a sailor's view point ..

To Be Or Not To Be - or

To Sail Or Not To Sail

- THAT is the question ...

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